Throughout our history, we have refined a process that satisfies our clients’ needs every time. You may be looking to construct a palatial family home, a bustling community or commercial hub or an eye-catching apartment complex that draws in the rental market. All of these are simply and effectively catered for using our proven system.





Not surprisingly, we don’t say much at our first meeting. That’s because we’re too busy taking notes. Be it a multi-storey apartment complex or a palatial dream home, we need to understand your desires relating to the presentation, purpose and functional requirements of every aspect. We’ll ask a few questions to make sure we have all the required information but largely this first session is where you teach and we learn. We need to learn about your ideas and what you hope to achieve from your investment. Whether it be tenanted or owner-occupied, the number of storeys, location and orientation are all of critical importance at this point as they will affect many future decisions associated with the project. This is a free consult.




Your information from the initial consultation is critical. We use it to begin building your vision on paper. Your information and ideas enables us to put together a rough design and floor plan and an estimate of the costs involved. We will put considerable thought into creating the drawings and costs so you may begin develop a feel and understanding for the appearance, function and feasibility of your project. Staying comfortably within your budget is important so at this stage it’s still very easy to add, subtract, alter or move various elements of the design to keep your finances under control. If changes are necessary, our enthusiastic can-do mindset will invigorate our creativity to find a suitable solution. This consultation is also free of charge. If you wish to proceed, fees apply which are incorporated in the final project cost.




Ready for your magnificent concepts to take shape? This phase is where our clients start to believe their grand ideas may soon become a reality. Our experienced design team will develop a series of sketch plans that will form the basis of the construction you have in mind. We will take into account all your instructions, desires and requirements and sketch the fundamentals of the agreed design to date. These drawings will also be mindful of economic, structural, environmental and regulatory requirements and we will present them to you for your further consideration and analysis.




It’s been an enjoyable and creative process so far but there are still two more steps to go to complete the build-on-paper phases which will ensure we deliver you exactly what you desire. During step 4, we will collaborate with you to make certain every aspect of your luxury home, community development or commercial hub is exactly mapped out as you require. There may be several meetings along this step of the journey and we will do everything possible to see that you are comfortable and informed about every aspect of your project. Light and shade, seasonal changes, human traffic flows and necessary space, environmental and safety issues will all have been considered upon completion of this important phase.




This is the personality phase. It’s that special part of the process where you inject yourself into the finished product as there are many decisions to make.
Think about whether tiles, timber or carpet are suitable floor coverings for different rooms. Once that’s done, select the desirable colour, texture and finish you or your occupants want to enjoy for years to come.
Paint the walls with your imagination while considering the intended purpose for each space. For example, select one, two or more tones that will inspire the liveliness and engagement you desire in a dining room or boardroom. Whereas in a library or study, rich dark colours create the mood for contemplation.
To prevent overwhelm during this phase, Varcon offers the services of our experienced interior designer. This is our gift to you. Upon completion of this step, the building on paper of your magnificent luxury home, community hub or apartment complex has been finalised.
We dare you – just try to wipe the smile off your face!




Depending upon the nature of the project, various state and local government bodies may need to grant approvals and permits.  Leave these headaches to us.  We frequently deal with these authorities and have formed excellent working relationships with them.  They have regulatory frameworks that must be satisfied and we are skilled at ensuring your project is within these constraints while seeing that your desired outcomes are paramount.  It’s a tightrope we are accustomed to walking.




At Varcon, 40 years of dealing with excited clients has taught us many things. The most important of these is not to lose sight of our family’s values once the contracts are signed. These values have resulted in us being a successful referral-based construction company which, from our clients’ point of view, is highly significant. It means we do what we say we will do. If we don’t, you won’t refer us to your friends and associates. That’s a risk we will never take.

This mindset results in us treating every single project as though it was our own.

Your confidence in the process and understanding of timelines and other procedural concerns matters to us because it matters to you. Consequently, we will keep you fully informed and would even enjoy taking you on a guided tour of the site so you may appreciate the care and quality of our workmanship. Owing to Occupational Health and Safety regulations, please do not enter the site without arranging it with us first.




The day has come!

The final touches have been applied. All work is complete to your satisfaction. The keys in our pocket will soon be in yours.

Congratulations – you are the proud owner of the latest Varcon project.

And a little bit of our family’s heart and soul has gone into the making of it. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.