Những giá trị



How have you raised your children?
To be courageous? True to their word? Respectful and have an inquiring mind? To care for the sustainability of the environment they will inherit? To do their best every day so they will earn trust every day?
Well, so did we.
Varcon is a third generation construction company guided by its family values. We look each other in the eye every day and know that our family’s reputation is on the line every day. That keeps us on the straight and narrow – every day.
Whether we are constructing a dynamic, edgy commercial multiplex or a spacious, ornate luxury family residence, our sincerity and mutual respect form the basis of our relationships and become the professionalism, can-do attitude and attention to detail that delivers confidence and certainty to our clients.
These values have enabled us to consistently attract business in a rare manner for the construction industry – we regularly attract both our corporate and private clients by referral. Why? Because our past customers have told their stories about their experiences with us.

What does all this mean?
At Varcon, we are dedicated to developing and building our clients’ new reality. We do this in a timely manner while being commercially and environmentally responsible. It simply makes good business sense.




It does not matter to us whether our clients are corporations or individuals. You’re all people deserving of respect, quality service and workmanship and value for money.
Each of you deserves to know that we are doing everything in our power to make sure your project is delivered on time and within budget.
You should be confident in our capabilities, technical knowledge and expertise in all aspects of design, construction, obtaining the required permits, safety regulations and adhering to community expectations.
You need to be aware of the commercial, corporate and personal benefits of being environmentally sustainable.
You should feel comfortable, informed and invigorated by our process and be happy to share your experiences.
You should get that most wonderful feeling of all – the WOW factor.
If you have received all of the above on your project then we have reached our goals.