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Varcon is a third generation construction company capable of delivering many diverse and innovative building projects on schedule and within budget. From grand luxury homes to head-turning multi-storey apartment buildings and vibrant commercial and community hubs, we pride ourselves on creating our clients’ visions. Founded on strong family values, we are dedicated to collaboratively developing and building their vision to give them a new life-changing reality.


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The Varcon Team live and breathe superior quality design and construction. We are a customer service focused organisation priding ourselves on understanding our clients' needs...


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Throughout our history, we have refined a process that satisfies our clients’ needs every time. You may be looking to construct a palatial family home, a bustling community or co...


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Whether we are constructing a dynamic, edgy commercial multiplex or a spacious, ornate luxury family residence, our sincerity and mutual respect form the basis of our relationships...


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From modest beginnings in 1974, Michael Ahmet Senior began with big dreams. He wanted to put lasting rooves over people’s heads to provide a sanctuary for them. Building with pas...

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Varcon Group is home to a dynamic and energised team who are always coming up with edgy ideas. Click here to read more about the latest news and blogs from Varcon Group.


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Varcon Group often hit the news because of our innovative approach, superior quality and consistent WOW factor. Click here to read more

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Varcon Group has been generously supporting worthwhile causes locally and internationally for many years. As a family organisation, we believe everyone deserves a fair opportunity to live with dignity and have access to basic human necessities.

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We are experiencing telephone outages in the area. If you are unable to contact our office via the land line due to telephone outages or disruptions please call 0406 429 063.

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